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[Music]what’s up guys today we’re talking all
about the denim shirt what’s up guys
welcome back to Gen sonj I’m George this
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we are here every week talking about
men’s fashion lifestyle and everything
in between and today we are talking
about the denim shirt so when we say
denim shirt we mean actual denim
chambray anything that happens to look
like a denim shirt there’s a million
different ways to weave it and it all
kind of looks like denim but they’re all
different materials so let’s just put
that out there right now these are not
actually all denim shirts but they do
look like denim shirts yeah so back in
the day denim shirts were essentially
just a work shirt like they were made
thick and strong and were meant to you
know kind of take a beating doing manual
labor and now they’ve kind of made their
way into more of a lifestyle product so
the fabrics gotten thinner lighter more
breathable you know you they don’t need
to take as much of a being but they
still have that kind of work where vibe
to it so going on to the classic
silhouette of a denim shirt right here
we have this by Mangal which I picked up
when I was in Spain I don’t know if you
guys heard of the brand mango I get it’s
all right it’s like Zara it’s like
they’re like Zara’s bigbrother the shirt
right here is only about 60 bucks so
it’s it’s like you’re it’s not premium
but it is still it’s a hefty penny for a
denim shirt this right here is like a
classic design with the two pockets and
it has like that pearl buttons you know
I guess you could say Western vibe
Western but still not too Western
because the silhouette is very fitted
it’s very tailored so you can wear this
with like jeans you can wear that with
trousers I typically would wear with uh
just by itself with maybe a shirt
underneath so I’m gonna be honest guys
Blake’s these are all Blake’s shirts
yeah I’m on the beginner big denim shirt
guys this shirt that I’m wearing
it’s from obey so if that tells you
think I got this shirt about ten years
ago literally so it’s lasted me a long
time and I do wear denim shirts on
occasion but I do kind of only wear them
I mean one type of way yeah I mean
George likes dan I’m sure that he
doesn’t he has that love-hate
relationship okay so now I’m yeah I do I
do like dance Reds I do
trust me I wore the crap out of this
shirt but I only wear it one way like
Blake will mix it up with a suit with
some corduroy pants but for me I’m
pretty much a denim guy so no matter the
color of the denim shirt I’m gonna wear
a contrasting color denim so either
black/white or like extremely dark wash
blue denim that’s like my uniform
I’ll neither do it with chelsea boots or
whites may use hay or throw a jacket on
top but that is that’s how I do it it’s
honestly the easiest way and how I
recommend you all start out wearing
denim shirts because Blake’s like more
of them yeah I mean I mean it is
graduation it is good to start very
conservative very vanilla but as you
start having more style you can you to
like go out of that so up here I have an
H&M shirt this was actually one of my
first denim shirts that I got when I
started changing from like that cowboy
look to more of like a tailored look so
this is like your classic Oxford but
it’s chambray or denim you know very
fake very fitted you could wear it with
the suit you don’t need a tie because it
has the button downs but you can I would
skip the tie and just wear it as is
again this really is really fitted it’s
only about 25 bucks dude so H&M has
great steals I mean take advantage of
you try it see if it’s your style if you
want to test it out H&M is this really
testing graphic and this is from their
premium kind okay I don’t know how much
better it is but to me I don’t mind it I
rock it I don’t care what people say as
long as it makes you feel good I’m
wearing it up next guys we have this is
from express this is again more of your
cowboy vibe but super light wash okay so
this could almost be like some sort of
jacket of sort I use it as a layering
piece it’s um
I always pop the collar just to give it
like a more of a you know more of a good
Fonzie vibe yeah but not so cowboy ish
dude I like you dude is really chill
expressed they have killer sales
dude sometimes their stuff goes like 50%
off so
see it I fit at 50 bucks it’ll be 25
bucks right just saying just saying dude
just saying I’m gonna talk about this
one now go ahead go ahead
so this one from Etan is probably the
this is the only type of shirt or style
of shirt that I would suit up because
it’s bougie okay guys hey
no no not because it’s bougie but just
because I like well I like the collar is
cut you know it’s a spread collar so it
kind of even though the shirt is super
super casual and doesn’t really fit with
a suited vibe at least the collar has
more of a high-end finesse feel to it so
you still it feels like it belongs there
even though it might be like you know
kind of out of place but it stills doing
a little bit of something to fit it yeah
I think if you’re if you’re in the
workplace you can easily wear this
underneath your suit with a tie and
it’ll look just fine or you can take off
the jacket on the weekends show the
pocket you know undo the undo the the
collar have it be a little bit more
chill I mean even you know a pair of
chinos that belt tie talked in yeah they
go so this is a little bit more on your
higher inside it’s about 250 for the
shirt it’s again this is this is like
the top of the line
Etan makes amazing shirts dude I mean
this I mean I could say you can see it
do they probably the best shirts on the
market right now
best off the rack for sure yeah yeah
okay so now on today I’m wearing this
Ralph Lauren it’s a classic Ralph Lauren
chambray it’s still very contemporary
very chill I like you I wear it with
white trousers with denim I wear it with
sue I wear it all different ways and I
always get tons of love people seem to
like love Ralph Lauren
so these shirts don’t just come in blue
we just happen to have a lot of blue
today they have white black you know any
shade of the spectrum you can think of I
even seem like a red champion love that
which actually is pretty pretty cool but
one thing to think about when you are
styling a denim or chambray shirt is
that you know it kind of just elevates
the style of shirt you’re wearing so if
it’s a button-down or an Oxford or
you know even like a western shirt the
texture of the shirt is what’s gonna
make kind of an extra statement on top
of just the color so you know it’s got a
little bit of a grit to it gives a
little more interesting look so I think
the denim shirt is pretty much a good
in-between from like a t-shirt to a
dress shirt so it’s like not quite
formal but then it’s not casual you know
and it’s not an Oxford right it’s like
in this own category yeah it’s it’s it’s
like the casual version of an Oxford
like if you wear if you like Oxford is
the casual version for work a chambray
shirt is the formal version for the bar
yeah and I think it works anywhere first
date it’s perfect I think a festival
it’s great yes hanging out with the boys
it’s a win all right guys that pretty
much wraps up our video on denim shirts
I hope this was helpful hope this gave
you some inspiration on how to style
them do you have got hit the subscribe
button yeah hit that right now we are
here every week talking about men’s
fashion lifestyle and everything in
between don’t forget we are on instagram
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see you on the next one
cheers guys Cheers

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Bearded Consumer

For my bigger fellas watching this, old navy or asos would be your go to. I have maybe 4 demin shirts in all different colors.

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    I dont think denim and chambray are different materials just a different weave in the same cotton fabric.

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