Mens Hairstyle 2019 – How To Style Curly Wavy Hair Tutorial

when you wake up ah be long gone
may the Great Escape took my heart run
just a tiny burning ridges down Phoenix
to the bird in flames what is up
everyone is Jake and welcome to my
channel in this video I’m going to show
you how I achieve immaculate straight
hair in addition how to control having
curly wavy thick hair and get that
straight perfect style that you desire
I want you to examine my hair right now
know it’s thick it’s curly it’s wavy
it’s long at the moment it is how many
inches so this is 11 inches this is 11
inches guys you’re not only I’m joking
it’s right over it’s been about 3 inches
on the top I’ll start off by getting my
hair exactly how I get my women soaking
wet I’m off soon as a seal woke up in
the normal flow so I shampoo and
condition my hair I like to leave the
conditioner in for 5 to 10 minutes as I
like to let the product so deep into the
roots and especially the tips so next up
I start towel dry my hair for about 10
seconds I don’t want my hair to be bone
dryer or blow dryer because that
basically disrupts the routine of the
hairstyle not to achieve then again
neither do I want it to be soaking wet
heat protector that I’m going to be
using in this video is fight resume
applying heat to your hair it deprives
all the natural oils that your hair is
actually producing and it destroys all
the goodness of your hair but not if you
use here protection spray so he
protection works by absorbing heat some
protection sprays contain vital proteins
which helps fight the breakdown of heat
agents across your hair a massive
advantage of using heat protection is
your hair looks healthier and it
genuinely enhances your style so guys
when using a hair dryer make sure the
tip is turn this way don’t blow dry to
the point where you just burn your hair
it’s going to cause your hair to the bed
so what I do is when I’m blow-drying I
run my hands through my hair
and when it starts to feel the tiniest
bit moist that’s when I know when to
blow-drying is optional but because I
have wavy hair a fan I just snooze my
hair out completely drying from the root
upwards will give you the volume that
you desire mixed up I use my hair
now although straightness can transform
curly wavy frizzy hair using hair
straighteners too much can burn causing
your hair to look dead are you straight
this once every now and they’re not you
know I like to mix up my hairstyles for
different occasions so I’m going to be
using us your Mac’s I actually find that
actually works about when even my hair
straighten or it’s the tiniest bit moist
if I’m bad sort of flight of wet
comb-over look I would recommend like
some wax because it gives my hair an
immediate from hole that I desire and
the tech means I’ve got a probably
different teeth out there no I don’t
like to just sort of like go straight in
just like mess all my hair up I like to
sort of like run my hand smoothly
through my hair and then work sides of
it so the hair sprang back views in is
bias resume
so what hairspray actually does is just
gives your hair that extra bit poll so I
just distribute it evenly that guys is
how I’ve transformed my curly wavy hair
into smooth and straight hair because
you’re going to be seeing a lot more
hairstyles and eye catching hair
tutorials on my channel very very soon
including ones from David Beckham if
you’ve enjoyed this video today
hopefully I have Ernest subscribe drop a
comment in the comment box below and
tell me what you thought
toy and I could do better what you liked
about the video even if you’re just
passing by I just stay fine and I’ll see
you guys next week

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Kanye Legitimately Smiling

Plus that's not curly hair that's wavy hair curly is a lot with curls

aventador Ferrari

Negged. that's not curly hair 😠


that's not curly wavy hair pal. you should see mine


you got like wavy hair

Jack Plays

What haircut is that pls answer Jake Daniels???


Please Give me the Name Of the Song in the begining

First Name Last Name

wow you use a lot…. what about in the morning???? You still do like you did it in the video

  • Ryan Nivens

    Your understanding of wavy/curly hair is completely off. Just because your hair isn't completely straight doesn't make it wavy or curly plus when you straightened it it had no change


    instead of ossion we can use gatsby hair wax

    Kian Siong

    this i slike my wavy hair

    Manos Vasiliadis

    Hmm I wouldn't call that particularly think and definitely not curly..

    08182015 I’m

    What would you call this hairstyle? Are the sides #3 all the way up?


    Girls these days 've realy short hair.

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    Soaking wet 😅


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