Men’s medium layered haircut Full step by step Tutorial

[Music]hey guys johnathan here from my hair
education today we’re looking into the
medium length haircut so with my model
by Jill I’m going to be looking into a
squared masculine shape you can have
thing about the square root box all over
the haircut so basically I’m going to be
cutting it squared on the top going to
the side squared square to the back as
well as here and I’m going to be really
looking at the calyx a weak area to
watch out not going to thin and
basically it’s going to be a very very
easy haircut that you can implement with
your guests your men guests when they
have the long hair and you’re going to
have this confidence to create the
shapes on the medium length hair so
let’s start the haircut
okay guys so I’m going to taking a
vertical section and I’m going to cut it
square so I want to I don’t want these
hair to spike so I want to cut maybe
let’s say half but this much you can
also go gradually could go longer and
then going shorter as you go through so
so I’m gonna going to the front
cutting squared and I’m just going to
keep it slightly longer at the front
because the head rounds over here and
when the squared cut you want it to
round you want to keep it straight so
I’m just going to go up it up keep some
length it’s also very good to have
length over at the fringe area so you
could have more fun at the end
this is your horizontal section I’m
going to take my guide you’ll see you’ll
find your guide that you have that I’ve
created or that you will be creating and
it’s right over here
so you’re gonna cut a square line square
so you see that here is not spiking it’s
setting a nice movement so I want to
continue with this one so I’m going to
take another horizontal section I’m
going to over direct it to the last
section and cut it square
same things you want to take really
but maybe half an inch a quarter of an
inch sections why because you want to
see your guide at all time you don’t
want to lose it if you lose your guide
you’re going to create other guides and
have an uneven haircut so you want to
see it and so you see my body position
as well I’m really squared to the hair
so we continue through spits hair up a
bit so the same thing you’re moving
forward to the front over directing to
your previous section seeing your guide
and cutting a square line you’re really
combing from the roots up the roots up
you’ve got a square line over direct
slightly and cut it squared
so to see the shape is developing I take
another section over here over there Ike
slightly okay and my last section
from the front so as you can see I’m
just over there I think slightly and
cutting cutting it squared at all times
there we go good so if you take a look
the shape is developing to the front
creating layers and what I like is I’m
maintaining a bit of length in the front
so I could have fun at the end because
the shorter if you cut it straight here
and you cut all that fringe will become
all weak and you might not have as much
leverage as you wish sometimes with the
banks with men’s so what I’m going to do
now is I’m going to follow through my
crown area
see my guide right over here
same thing come from the roots up
squared and cut a straight line
alright so the left side take my section
so you see the section is vertical over
here comb it straight up see your guide
so you see the guy right over here I’m
going to cut it squirt
the same thing
here sectioning you want to go under
over with your comb from the roots up
under and you’re going to square it
you’re dying okay
so come under your guideline
follow through so again always take the
quarter of an inch to half an inch
sections you want to see your guide you
always want to stay in control you use
quickly when you lose control you don’t
see your guide restart your section so
over here I’m going to go grab my guide
line the guy
comb over/under see your guide right
here cut it squared so what I’m going to
do around the the crown is that when I
said the beginning I want to think about
a box right so this is going over here
all of it and I want to maintain a
corner and a corner in the back I don’t
want to round it so why am i doing it
again is to keep the squareness because
she started rounding it towards going to
change that shape that’s not the goal
today so I’m gonna take it here see my
okay so I’m gonna push it right over
your guideline over here you want to
stay squared you want to cut it
so comb under come over to your guide
make sure you hear guide right over here
and over here and square
same thing
my guy squared
too large in our section over here
I’ll make sure make sure it’s a Syrah
guy you can see the section
take a smaller section and see the
guideline cut it squared and came over
here I’m going to bring all these guys
so you start to do that when you’re past
the year so you’re going to bring
everything to a squared line so I’m
going to push it through over here see
my guideline and cut it straight
all right so we’re I’m going to work my
bottom side my bottom right side so you
see the guide line here and I’m going to
grab it connect it to my guide so see
the guy
and cutting a square
so I’m going to continue with vertical
sections follow my guide cut a squared
square line
continue through
all right over here you see your
guideline and you see I didn’t like I
still have the hair in my hand so it’s
good for control if you let it down and
you have to regrab everything you lose a
bit of control souls but you’re better
off just your guide and all time
so I’m going to behind-the-ear
so you want to push this all to the side
again maintain squareness so you’re
going to see your guide and cut it
straight I’m just going to get this here
comb it through your guide
here a guy
smaller section
push it to the side see my guideline get
it straight some almost to the middle so
I push this hair over here see my guide
cuts straight squared
under over your guy being squared
so same thing
and a comb-over and under here guide
square line
okay so I’m going to continue through
grab my guy
so you can see in this section I got a
bit more at the top because of the
separation I had more there’s less
weight because is there’s more weight
over his right side so that’s why I got
a bit lower so I’m going to do the same
over here squared your guide continue
same thing
I’m going to bring everything to squared
have a bit of less hair on the bottom
which is normal
come to the middle now and push it
through I have a less hair to cut okay
so basically you’re going to take a
90-degree angle
squared see where your guide is and I’m
going to cut it through flat comb it
through under and you’re just going to
tilt your head a bit I’m just going to
push them down here so clean sections
and if you have less control make sure
the hair is them so you can have more
control so I’m going to grab push those
hair on the side okay and so you want to
maintain consistency and I’m going to
stay flat see my guide
okay and I push this out here your guide
see I’m not like reading at this kind of
shape I’m really staying squared am I
going in like that and then up I’m
really staying flat so so I’m going to
continue through the right side so I’m
going to go grab my guide line okay
right over here see your guide squared
squared from the head
okay I’m just going to talk a bit and
grab it over here I’m going to grab from
the roots out see your guide
make sure you see your guide and your
squared comb from the roots out cut it
squared I’m going to continue through my
vertical section I’m just going to put
them down
there’s my god
same thing
so I’m just got a water and grab the
hair so you can come under take a
smaller section right over here and come
under okay squared
okay so continue through with your guide
so we took our guy over here
I’m ready combing the hair from the
roots out and really kind of get squared
from the head shape and continue
the vertical line going through the nape
creating a flat shape squared
you want to follow it through you want
to always want to follow your brush
go on the opposite side from where who
Springs is falling and the other side
and bring out your haircut
what was the true
on the time
the Rockets going to wrapping the brush
around the hair
[Music]I’m going to use my edger to clean up
naturally get there up a bit I like
going up with the edger not down too
much I find sometimes you create the
unwanted hair grows so
take me on here
down here
you want to channel through just like
that and you want to go on the opposite
side just like that so taking our ways
and creating movement and texture
take a bit more here more off
so you want to push the pace forward and
then on the opposite diagonally just to
bring out the whole texture the haircut
and then you can just play around
because if what’s fun with this
versatile look is that you can have it
on the side you could have it forward
you could push it back so there’s so
many things you could do with this
square shape and that’s what’s fun you
know with medium length hairs that you
won’t be intimidated when someone comes
in and has long hair and you want to
know where you’re heading
so creating squareness and falling
through to do a recap so I went squared
kept a bit of length of the front so I
could play around with the fringe and
keep it longer and I follow through over
here squared as well same thing to the
bottom squared squared square and we
connected the crown when I created my
first guide over here and then I
followed through I did not follow the
head shape I squared all over so this is
gives us the flat shape okay it’s not a
round shape it’s a flat square shape
which looks amazing and final look so
I’m just going to texture a bit give it
some cool and here you go so thank you
for watching to have any questions let
us know if you’re watching us on YouTube
please subscribe to our Channel and let
us know what you think if you like have
any comments stay tuned for some new
videos on men’s cutting women’s cutting
on my higher education
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