3 Easy Mens Hairstyles | No Heat Hair Tutorial – Healthy Hair 2016

hey what’s up guys my name is Joel and
today we’re gonna be doing some
hairstyles that don’t require a
blow-dryer and really don’t require that
much at first but they still look good
OOP ugh now I’m going to be showing you
three in this video two of them require
the exact same styling process so I’ll
just switch it up you’ll see what I’m
talking about when we get to that the
hairstyles that I’m showing you today
are good alternatives days when you
don’t want to be using a blow-dryer you
know save some of that heat prevent some
damage so I’m talking about toes all of
the hair cells and I’m going to show you
we’re gonna be starting out with damp
hair applying some product using a comb
and a brush and then I will take it from
there in addition to damp hair and the
products that I’ll be using hair length
actually plays a big part of these
hairstyles as well my hair right now is
that the perfect length get a nice
close-up of that it’s just about four
and a half inches right now and what
this means is that going from damp hair
to dry hair if I push it back it’s gonna
build in that perfect amount of curve
and height without falling over and then
that just makes for a good hairstyle
without using a blow-dryer so like four
and a half inches five inches that is
the ideal length to work with these
hairstyles that I will be showing you
right now okay so going into the styling
I can’t stress this enough always start
with damp hair whether you’re
blow-drying where they not blow drying
damp hair is the way to go so I’ve got
damp hair and I’m going to be using a
sample of the boom on pomade since it’s
not available I will list an alternative
or two in the description down below so
you can see some good products that kind
of are within the same ballpark right I
forgot to say when filming this video
one of the main points of doing these
hairstyles without using a blow-dryer is
to promote healthy hair and that’s why
these first two hairstyles are gonna
have a shine finish it’s because we’re
using healthy product add adding
nourishment into that hair at the same
time I’m going to take a nice hefty
amount of pomade and you can use a
little bit more when you’re working with
damp hair because damp hair will dilute
whatever product you’re using just a
little bit thoroughly run that product
through the hair
coat it evenly
and once you’ve distributed all over I’m
going to be taking a brush and just
pretty much combing my hair all back
this is going to make all my strands go
in the same direction which is
beneficial for the final result
after the code I’m going through with a
narrow tooth you know what it’s called
as the opposite of why tooth narrow
tooth comb to make it even tighter
and once that’s done I’m just going to
run my hands through and break it up a
after this you’re pretty much done
you’re going to wait for your hair to
dry and even though it doesn’t look
perfect right now that’s because it’s
wet you just wait for it to dry and then
it’s going to kind of put itself
together I’ll show you here in a second
okay so I’m back with dry hair and I let
it just air dry naturally I’m going to
take that same comb reposition it just
as before and then do the same with the
narrow toothed comb once again and after
that again go through and finger comb my
hair into position as I said in the
beginning my hair length right now which
is four and a half to five inches really
plays a key part into making this
hairstyle work it’s that perfect length
so that when it goes from wet to dry it
produces a really nice curve and volume
without fluffing over
for the second hairstyle I’m working off
of my first one I’m just going to take
my same comb and create a bit of a side
part this is going to be a messy side
part doesn’t take that long
just choose a bit run you come through
pull that side down fix it up and then
there is your second hairstyle
alright guys well that was the first to
using the pomade like I said you can
check to the strictest description for
some alternatives since this pomade is
not available yet for this third
hairstyle honestly the styling process
is very similar in fact it’s pretty much
the same we’re just using a matte
finished product instead of a shine
finish we’re going to be working with
the classic something haven’t used in a
long time and that is claymation right
here um I’ll list some clays in the
description that I like I also like
Baxter but I’m out of Baxter right now
so a good old scoop of claymation
emulsify and apply spread out evenly all
over the place in your hair once this is
done we’re going to be repeating the
same steps as before I’m taking my brush
and distributing combing my hair in a
backwards direction and after that
switching over to my narrow toothed comb
and doing the exact same making it
and after that running my fingers
through breaking it up just a bit and
just like that I’m done with the damn
pair of it I’m going to come back with
completely dried hair alright so I’m
back my hair is completely dry and this
time I’m just going to be using the
brush because I don’t need it to be that
neat we’re not dealing with the pomade
take the brush and comb it into place
and for the final step I’m just using my
hands to touch up and make it look real
okay well those are my three different
hairstyles for you that do not require a
blow-dryer I can’t emphasize enough how
the hair length really plays a key
factor into making these hairstyles
possible as I said between four and a
half to five inches make sure to check
the description for product
recommendations I wanted to switch it up
from using original because I use that
quite a bit but of course you can still
purchase it if you haven’t tried yet
in the description down below okay well
I think that that is it for this week’s
video thank you guys for watching if you
liked it please help me out by clicking
that like button social networks such as
Instagram Facebook and snapchat in the
description down below thanks for
watching and I’ll see everybody next

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