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– Hi guys, and welcome to Slikhaar TV. I’m
Emil, and today I want to reveal my styling
secrets. So Katerina, you’ll cut my hair
on the sides, right?
– Yes, I will. We’ll trim it a little bit, so it has
the perfect shape for an awesome hairstyle.
– Stay tuneeeed!
Now I’ll do what I like the most: style my hair. And I’m looking forward to show you how I do it.
I’ll blow-dry it, and I’m inspired together by classic and modern looks as well, so it’s a great combination.
It’s my everyday hairstyle.
Well, we’ve a new product. I’m looking forward to showing it…
… but first I’ll blow-dry my hair, and then I’ll style it.
And I’ve also brought some
styling tools we’ve been working on, so I’m excited to show you!
Before blow-drying the hair, it’s important to part it, so it’ll go in the right direction.
Ah, it’s a super awesome comb! It’s made from carbon fibre, an anti-static material, so it’s super good for hairstyling.
Then I’m using a rubber, 9-row brush. It’s
for better control.
When I blow-dry my hair, I also finger-comb
it, so I can feel if it’s still wet. If that’s
the case, then my hair will get curly, and
I don’t want that. So I keep blow-drying.
The reason why I say this is because it’s
very easy to forget to dry down to the roots
in the back. We always go for the front first,
so that’s why.
Now my hair has an awesome texture, but I
want to boost it with this new product from
By Vilain: By Vilain Blow. It goes down to
the roots and increases the volume of the hair.
We’ve worked on this product for almost a year, and it’s super unique because of its formula and its packaging.
You can actually spray the product and apply
it easily on your hair. But you’ll not do
like I did! I’ll show you how you apply it.
Remember to shake it before use.
You can also spray it on your hands.
The styling powder provides a great hold and, as you can see, my hair has a great texture.
I can move it around as I please.
Because of the blow-drying, my hair will stay
in almost the same position I blow-dried it in.
You can also finish with a hairspray now,
but I’d like to finish with my favourite product:
By Vilain Dynamite Clay.
It gives a strong hold and matt finish.
Last tip: if you’re used to use a hairspray,
and you need to have a little bit of extra
hold or something, you can add a bit of Sidekick.
A few pumps in your palms, and do like this
until you feel the stickiness in your hands.
It becomes a little tacky.
This is my new everyday hairstyle. If you
want it to look more rough, you can just finger-comb
it and move it around.
If you want it to be more classy, then simply
use a brush or a comb. Then the hair locks
will lay flatter and closer together.
But it’s up to you!
I’d like to know what you guys think about
this hairstyle, so leave a comment in the
comment section down below. It helps us a lot.
And also remember to let us know
what you’d like to see next.
You also ask us where you can buy the products,
and you can simply find the link up here or
down in the description.
You’ll then be taken to our website.
See you, guys!

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