Perfect Layered Men’s Haircut Tutorial – TheSalonGuy

what’s going on YouTube Stephen is
Salonga here and in today’s video we’re
going to be making over this mannequin
and creating what I’m going to call the
perfect blended layered haircut meaning
I’m not gonna cut it super short it’s
not gonna be super long but I’m gonna
create a beautiful flowing layered
haircut it may be kind of like an 80s
layered haircut or something but you
know I focused so many of my haircuts on
you know with women’s haircuts when it
comes to layering but you know maybe
you’re a guy who wants to grow his hair
longer it’s just not laying right and
this video is going to be great for you
know whether you’re a barber learning
you wanting to learn more about mens
haircutting great for a stylist somebody
in school or if you’re a client just you
know trying to understand a haircut of
how it could work properly for you so
I’m gonna wash this head and we’ll be
right back to get started so before we
start this haircut I also want let you
guys know that I do have haircutting
combs now that I am selling that are
available on my website I basically have
been spending a lot of money on my combs
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this is way too ridiculous I want to
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basically these are plastic but they’re
a higher-quality plastic they’re not
garbage and I have them in two colors
because if you have maybe you know
lighter hair you want some contrast also
to kind of match my brand color of the
red and white and the white ones work
great especially if you’re working on
darker hair as you can see you know it
just allows for a better contrast so
they are available you can see by the
card here that I’m I’m posting a pop
also you can check it out in my
description at the end of the video I do
have them on sale right now and it’s
free shipping so definitely take
advantage of the offer and check these
out the first thing I suggest is to find
the natural parting if you’re unsure of
where the natural parting is or not sure
how to do it you know what I like to do
is line the comb up right on the top of
the nose here and just draw like you’re
drawing a line straight back right on
the top of the head like so and once you
do that you can then split it into four
quadrants and what I mean by four
quadrants is we’re separating the entire
head to make it easy so
basically finding the top of the head
alright which is right here you lay the
comb flat on the head and whoever lays
flat is where the top of the head is
where it’s the flattest so usually
that’s right around this area which is
right behind the ear and these four
quadrants what it’s simply doing it’s
nothing complicated it’s just separating
the front from the back and again this
is what we call the division point so if
you are in beauty school right now
you’re probably gonna be hearing that
word those words the vision point but
it’s literally just dividing okay it’s
dividing the front and the back because
what you do need to realize is that this
is treated completely differently than
the back when it comes to the haircut
all right and that’s that’s really the
only thing it’s very very helpful to be
honest with you because all you’re doing
is separating it and while you’re
cutting I am going to tell you it’s
extremely helpful to have a clearer
vision of where you’re cutting so what I
like to do now not every guy is going to
have their hair as long as this coming
in to you but it’s better to be prepared
and knowledgeable than not right so what
I like to do is basically you can hold
this up out of the way and you can clip
it out of the way you can do really do
whatever you want but what I’m going to
do is I’m going to establish the length
and all I’m doing is laying my combs
straight down and I’m going to cut
straight across that’s it flip around on
the other side and cut straight across
and basically folks we have our base
right through here we have our base next
thing what I’m going to do is I’m going
to bring this down again and do the same
thing throughout the entire back of the
head right make it very very simple
there’s the guy from underneath and cut
straight across flip the scissors around
and cut straight across bring this all
down before you know it the entire
haircut is gonna be you know halfway
calming us all straight again you can
use your fingers if you want to kind of
lock it in but sometimes when you give
when you cut the hair with no tension
that’s when it’s actually the
straightest okay when you cut the hair
with no tension whatsoever if you want
to use the comb like so you can almost
like as a ruler to cut straight across
like that but you know a lot of times if
you do end up using the comb or your
fingers it will start to create some
sort of elevated shape or something so
now we’re going to work up into the
sides and through the top to create
again we’re creating our foundation so
always make sure the head is straight
and now the finger positioning really
will dictate the angle so the more you
point your fingers up the more of an
angle you’re gonna create like so by
rotating the more you keep your fingers
straight down like this that’s going to
prevent an angle this way and it’s gonna
be a lot more straight so what I want to
do and I’m using the fine teeth of the
comb here because I do want to have this
nice and solid here is I’m going to
extend my fingers and or angle my
fingers up pretty significantly because
I do want to create a bit of an angle
coming up right in through here okay
move any hair out of the way that
actually is going to be in the way of
cutting and I’m sorry if I got it in the
way right there but here we go
we’re going to cut downwards this way
and here in the very very very front
again this really depends on how short
you want it but here’s the length and
I’m doing which is right about the
bridge of the nose right here and we’re
cutting this all on an angle going back
down like this so if you can see here
we’ve created a perfectly angled shape
going down and through here now we’re
going to do the same thing on the other
side right now I haven’t moved at all
I’m I’m staying in the same position my
body position and that’s essential – you
don’t have to be jumping around doing
acrobat moves you know or hanging from
the ceiling I mean you can literally
just stay in one spot – this entire
haircut you know which I think which
goes to show you know how a lot of
people out there are doing all these
these freakish handstands to cut hair it
doesn’t you don’t have to do that you
know you can just literally stand in one
spot keep your body in a good position
and not hurt yourself all right so there
we are youth on the other side
what I like to do is just stand in front
do a little check right here to make
sure we’re balanced make sure we run
worst even even-steven unfortunately
right now we’re uneven Steven I have to
cut the side a little bit shorter but
that’s the whole point of you know not
everybody’s perfect if you get it in one
one shot then good for you now let’s
let’s see what we got here okay look at
this if you look at this you could
almost say wow this this is actually a
good haircut any guy can leave I mean
even a woman can leave anyone can leave
with a hair cut like this that’s why the
base is so important what would happen
if we didn’t layer this and we didn’t
create any sort of movement well that’s
the thing it wouldn’t have a lot of
movement you know will it look good the
only reason it will look good is because
we got this shorter and we’ve got some
flowing through here but the problem is
is that it’s not you know it’s not gonna
have a lot of movement up and through
here it may be very very heavy so again
will it work sure to work is it
something that you want I don’t know in
my experience I’ve noticed sometimes
people complain about their hair being
too heavy right and not having a lot of
movements but there are guys who you
know don’t want a lot of movement so it
really depends alright so now let’s
create some layers and we’ll do kind of
a medium length layer in through here
now the key is with layers which is
really really important wherever you
hold this up right if I cut it right
here it’s gonna fall into the back so
you got it and you also don’t want to
cut it shorter than the front piece
right in through here as well right so
we’ve got this right through here and
then all this and this has
that connect into here so you don’t want
to go too short and you don’t wanna go
super long so a good in-between balance
would be about right here right which is
I’d say about seven inches or so six or
seven inches right at the top here and
that first piece in the back that is
where I’m starting the layers so I’m
gonna take a horizontal section right
here and this is how I’m doing the
entire back of the head we’re gonna comb
this all straight up to match again I’m
using the fine teeth of the comb
there’s my guide I’m going to cut
straight across as you can see right in
through here this is what it looks like
from the front right there it is so I’m
gonna let that drop down I’m gonna take
a section here on the other side on the
back again combing it straight up and
there’s my guide keeping the arm as
parallel as you possibly can and through
here and then there we have it so once
we have that done we’re going to comb
this all down and now we’re going to
actually create some blending so when we
cut that piece here’s where the layers
going to start right around here and
we’re now going to comb this straight
out from the head there’s the guide
right there there’s what we’re gonna cut
and we’re going to extend this all the
way down to the bottom the reason I’m
going to extend this all the way down to
the bottom is because I want to have a
little bit more movement down through
so a lot of times people will talk about
oh the hair flips a lot the hair moves
if you don’t want the hair to flip at
all and you don’t want to have those
pieces kind of flipping out or showing
those layers then definitely either
don’t lip layer it at all
or you want to keep that first layer
that you cut a lot longer a lot longer
almost like you’re just you know
skimming the top because again this will
travel all the way down through here
creating that weight so for this haircut
I do want to create some movement
we go once again calming us straight out
and all we’re doing now is just
connecting right we’re simply just
connecting the dots and putting
everything together with the layers to
make sure the entire back has some
movement to it so once we get right here
behind the the division point as you can
see I’m combing this all straight back
behind the ear this way I’m not
extending my body outwards beyond that
because I want to maintain the weight in
through here which I’ll remove when we
get through here right you’re gonna
thank me later trust me all right so now
we’re gonna pick back up to do the other
side and there’s the guide and we’re
gonna cut straight down you can pick up
a piece from the other side if you want
but make sure that you go all the way
down to the very very bottom you’re not
cutting the length here because that’s
already established you’re just you’re
just basically cutting what’s on top of
it all right there’s the guy there and
once you the thing with men’s
haircutting or even just haircutting in
general once you get the pattern down
and once you understand what you’re
doing and you don’t complicate it
alright there’s there’s a lot of hair
cutters out there who make this almost
impossible to understand with the Greens
of elevation with different body
position with different days with
different debt with 18 different
sections 45 different clips you know for
me that’s cool if you want to do that
and put on a great show that’s awesome
but you know a lot of times those
haircuts look good for about 10 minutes
right but when you have all those crazy
disconnects and all these pieces that
are separated and this and that the hair
doesn’t grow out super well it grows out
it grows out with like gaps in it grows
out with holes in it grows out with the
haircut being unbalanced to read the way
I cut hair and again I’m not saying to
be the best and I’m not discrediting
anyone’s abilities to cut hair in a very
systematic way I just feel that with my
experience I like to cut hair as simple
simplistic as possible
so it’ll grow out good it’ll be
effective I’ll be able to get a duck get
the job done efficiently and it’ll also
be very very well balanced that’s how I
want to cut here all right so as you can
see I’m keeping everything very very
simple now even though it looks simple
you can still you know mess this up and
that’s why this this method of me
cutting helps simplify everything all
right so now what I’m doing is I’m
cross-checking by combing everything
straight out horizontally and all I’m
doing is going throughout the back and
I’m skimming off any pieces that may be
a little unbalanced when I say
unbalanced it’s my way of saying longer
you know and and again I’ve basically
been in the same spot for like the
entire haircut all right I have barely
moved my body you know I do have to be
careful in certain angles that I go in
because of my back injury on my neck but
even though if I didn’t have that I’d
still be able to stand in one spot so
now what we’re going to do is we’re
going to connect this part this is
something that I do in literally every
haircutting video that I do it’s it’s
very very essential this part right in
through here and very simple the best
way to do it is just think that you’re
doing a mohawk section right down the
middle right right down the middle
that’s the focus that’s we’re gonna
connect everything because that later at
some point you’re gonna do the corners
on the sides all right now that’s done
it’s time to cut the top again we’re in
the middle but we’re gonna cut the top
horizontally now because we’ve already
move on from the past we’re looking
ahead to the future and we’re gonna cut
everything straight up what’s going to
happen is as we get to the very very
front like this area we’re gonna see
there’s not a lot of hair to be cut
honestly because that is why you know
when we blended everything throughout
the foundation it was all basically
pretty balanced which was very very
important so that’s what I’m saying a
good foundation is important all right
so the top is done and we’ve got the
corners and the sides if you break the
haircutting down that easily and that’s
simplistically it’s going to be a
lifesaver okay there’s the corner and
we’re gonna bring it straight out and
there we actually see some hair there
that needs to come off because we
haven’t really done any layering and
what this is going to do I mentioned the
beginning of this haircut that this is
you know a perfectly blended layered
haircut what does that mean it means the
entire haircut it’s flowing with the in
with like in itself it’s got a seamless
flow it’s all completely connected and
it’s perfectly balanced that’s really
what that means so we’re doing the
corners and then the sides the sides are
down and through here that’s how I
classify haircuts tops corner sides and
then the back following this pattern
will make life very very easy so
sometimes people will have finer hair
and what you need to be careful is to
prevent from creating any huge gaps or
holes or anything you may want to take a
thicker section right a thicker section
to kind of make it a bit more dense this
way you can see all that weight and not
get rid of it by accident all right
what’s important with the very look the
sides down to here is that you do extend
the haircut all the way down to the
bottom here right if you leave these
pieces disconnected from the layers
again it’s not going to go out how you
want it to in some situations like I
said and some hair cutters like to do
these things to leave pieces out for
whatever it is but again that’s usually
temporary and a lot of times I’ve
noticed in my experience seeing these
guys do this stuff or senior stylists do
it it’s because they’re doing trying to
create a specific look or an effect at
that very moment and it works for a
short amount of time but then the grow
up process isn’t always
the best alright so once again guys if
you’re seeing I’m literally in the same
spot right I’m not standing on my head
I’m not hanging from the ceiling I’m not
doing jumping jacks I’m literally just
standing in the same exact spot that
I’ve been in pretty much throughout the
entire haircut which goes to prove
something that you you know posture is
everything body position is everything
alright so once again we’re just
connecting the layers now we’re here we
are on the very very front and I’m
combing back now on top of the section
here we go just that little bit right
there this haircut literally can be done
if I wasn’t talking I can have this
haircut done enough I’d say about 20
minutes right 20 minutes if I didn’t
talk at all you know my thing is I’m a
big talker so I like to communicate and
also because I’m teaching a darn video
so this part here what we’re doing is
we’re just going to snip that little bit
this is a this is to make sure that the
entire top is perfectly blended again
we’re going for perfect layers and
anything that you may see it’s a little
bit longer this is your chance to get
rid of it and to make sure it’s all even
and this is where it’s going to jump out
at you this is where the hair will start
talking to you say hey dude you missed
you missed a section over here right
this is the ideal time to do it all so
this is why this comb comes in handy
because it’s a white color and you can
actually see you can see the hair a
little better and while you’re combing
it right gives a little more contrast
alright so let’s take a look what we got
let’s bring the mannequin head up a
little bit and what I like to do is I’m
going to run my fingers through the hair
like this and just double-check
everything let’s bring it this way again
I’m looking for even-steven here alright
I think I’m a little longer on this side
here so if you are a little longer on
one side all you got to do is go back in
and simply start to
search throughout the haircut of what
happened okay
there it is right there I didn’t I
didn’t take this far back enough into
the side of the corner and this is where
I was feeling the length of being a
little bit longer okay it’s all right
there and let’s check this here all
right just a little bit not much but you
have to feel for the area’s right feel
for the areas that are longer or like I
said the hair will basically it’ll be
very obvious if you’re pulling hair and
it’s a lot longer on one side go back to
that area and fix it with haircutting
once you’re able to figure out how to
fix a problem then that’s really the
difference between being you know a
really really good hair cutter and kind
of a mediocre alright if you’re a client
watching this and you’re one of those
dudes who basically likes to let your
hair air-dry who wants to just you know
not be bothered by it you got that
perfect hair just flows right into place
you can spray maybe some 25 spray of
mine into it you can you know and then
just let it air dry you know if your
hair is a bit wavy any time you let the
hair air dry it will form with a little
bit more curl right as you can see it
through here what do layers do all this
stuff that I layered it will actually
enhance the wave or enhance the crow
because now you’ve got rid of all that
weight into here which is allowing the
hair to move as I mentioned before if
you don’t have any layers this will all
lay flat like this and the hair will
just be flat to the head that’s it
layers will actually create some
movement and so now we can ply any sort
of I’m actually testing out a new blow
dry cream that I’ve been working on for
the last month or two and I’m gonna run
this through the hair and we’re going to
aired we’re gonna blow dry this and I
want to show you a few different
techniques of what you can do but as you
can see in through here the more we kind
of scrunch this it’s automatically bring
out the wave and a lot of you guys want
to know you know how do I get my hair to
look wavy
how do I get to have some texture to it
well setting it with something like this
you know kind of set it and forget it
let it air dry and it’ll dry with some
texture and some wave to it now if you
don’t want to have any wave to it and
you want the hair to be a little more on
the smoother and more tame side I’m
gonna use just my hands for this the key
is when you blow dry hair like this you
do not want to shake it and rattle it up
like this a lot of times people dry
their hair they’re going all over the
place all you’re doing is creating a hot
mess a frizz Bahl you’re creating a mess
you don’t want to do that you want to
actually tame the hair like this and
almost like you’re kind of lightly
pulling on the hair and you’re smoothing
it with your hands right so let’s let’s
check it out
alright let’s talk about the style now
and as you can see I mean this looks
pretty good no matter what you know all
because of the way we cut it right so
let’s talk about if you want to have
your hair all coming down forward okay
there’s gonna be some guys out there
that want kind of like a haircut like
this where it just Falls a little bit in
the face and you just kind of have some
hair coming down like that looks kind of
really really cool all right there’s one
look right there alright another look is
if you want to have that kind of really
feathered layered look where it’s all
going back showing off the layers let’s
turn the mannequin this way everything
is going back and it’s all working in to
the bottom and through here so again a
very very nice beautifully executed
haircut down through here and it all
flows down to the bottom right same
thing on the other side good side angle
and through here it all flows back works
into the shape down and through here and
there we have it
it really depends on how you want to
wear it right you want to go over to the
side this way alright you can do a side
parting total side parting like that you
can flip it around you know on the other
side if you want to do a sorry parting
on this way if you want to get you know
a little more volume into the front here
right like that you can do that you can
go right down the middle kind of like
how we cut it and have it almost like a
feathered hair cut coming down like this
you know which is also really really
cool I mean you really can do a lot with
it with a good haircut
you really have a lot of options alright
guys thank you so much for watching and
again please check out my hair cutting
homes that are now for sale a link is in
the description of where you can get
them basically on my website and I’m
doing a sale right now so if you are
looking for you know a professional type
tool to comb your hair this is what I
use okay so thank you guys so much for
watching let me know in the comments
below if you enjoyed this video don’t
forget to Like comment and subscribe
click the bell and I’ll see you next
time for more videos with a salon guy

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