5 CLOTHING ITEMS THAT LOOK GOOD ON ANY GUY | Improve Your Look Outfit Suggestion

gentlemen what’s the one thing that you
enjoy wearing the most it seems like a
lot of you guys out there are unable to
answer this question because you always
ask me for advice on what things that I
own what things have I got in my
wardrobe and stuff like that by the
sounds of things you’re struggling to
choose some basic items to go into your
wardrobe and the difficulty is we’re all
different so rather than recommend you
random products I’m actually going to do
this video recommending to you five
products or items of clothing that look
great on any guy and these five items
you can put together to make an amazing
outfit at the end as well the first item
of clothing that looks great on any guy
is a simple white oxford shirt and I go
for the long sleeve option as well
because sometimes the shorter sleeve
versions don’t look great on everybody
it’s incredibly simple but incredibly
versatile and that’s one of the things
you’ll see with each of the items on
this list they’re all versatile you can
dress a lot of these things up and down
a little bit as well you could get away
with wearing this with jeans or if you
wanted to make it look a bit more formal
maybe even a blazer I probably wouldn’t
go quite as far as a suit though
and if you’re looking for something to
wear on top of this lovely oxford shirt
item number two that looks great on any
guy is a great bomber jacket now some
people say the bomber jackets are for
the younger guys only but I disagree and
I’ve seen a lot of all my jackets
looking great even on older guys this
one’s by a company called the Cuckoo’s
Nest I got this one pretty cheap and it
fits me pretty darn well on the sleeves
on the torso as well and you can go for
loads of different colors when it comes
to bomber jackets the two cause I’d
recommend navy and burgundy if you’re a
skinnier guy these are really useful
especially because they come with the
elasticated cuffs this means that they
can adapt a bit to suit your individual
physique so you’ve got the upper half
pretty much complete here what are you
gonna match these up with well if you’ve
watched my clothing color combinations
video you’ll know that I like gray and
gray jeans go with loads of different
things especially the two colors that
I’ve already got in this outfit this is
definitely the third thing that any guy
can look good in most guys won’t stray
away from blue jeans or Navy jeans but
I’d recommend if you want something that
different that you can wear more stuff
with as well and it can probably dress
up a bit more easily I would try Navy
jeans if you haven’t already got a pair
for the fourth the clothing item that
looks good on any guy we’re heading down
to the feet we’re talking shoes and more
specifically the tan brogue now brogues
can be stylish and versatile and the
reason I prefer the tan brokes
is because they are a bit more versatile
for me now this also depends on your
lifestyle if you dress a bit more
formally more often maybe a black pair
would suit you the best but for me I
don’t have the need to really dress
formally that often so I find that the
tan ones are more useful for matching
with my casual outfits like this one and
if you’re not particularly a fan of the
broguing designs you can get a very
similar shaped shoes plain nothing on
the front but if you’re really looking
to step up your style
the brogues are definitely the way to go
and to complete this look the fifth item
that looks good on any guy is passive
colored socks and by passive coat
I pretty much just mean so that’s quite
plain nothing too risky
nothing out of the ordinary and some of
you may be thinking oh well that’s a bit
boring you know I’d rather wear stuff
stuff like this these are actually mine
cups but the truth of the matter is not
everyone has the confidence to wear
crazy stuff like this so if you want to
look great
guaranteed stick with some socks that
are you know plain of course out avoid
white socks at all costs unless you’re
going to play sport so that pretty much
wraps up this short video you’ve now got
your outfit complete five things look
great on any guy you can put together
really easily for today’s video I’m also
gonna do another one their votes again I
want to see which outfit you think’s the
best I’m gonna pop up outfit number one
and outfit number two two different
casual outfits that you can potentially
wear which one would you wear let me
know by pressing the little thing in the
top corner the drop-down menu he’ll take
you to the voting screen either choose
outfit one or outfit number two and as
always chaps you guys always destroy the
like buttons on these videos I really
appreciate the support especially
recently we are hitting crazy numbers of
subscribers and like so make sure if you
enjoyed this video you let me know as
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Nathan Swanson

I find too many bombers have that rain-proof material that is really noisy. I like yours a lot.

amer lov

This man deserves way more views and subscribers for the contents he put out. very informative and helpful. Thanks man!

Zhe Wei Khor

That jacket is beautiful, do you have the link to it?

Andrew Clark

Can brogue's be worn in spring-summer?

Arf Arf

great vid. subbedđź‘Ť

Aey Melo

I like outfit 2


Might have to try this outfit!

  • KAC3

    Why avoid white socks? I wear white socks with absolutely everything


    I like both outfits equally. I guess outfit 1 for knocking about in the daytime and 2 for going for a meal and a drink.

    Morten Aanstad

    I got all of these things before I watched this video, but I definitely agree about them being stylish

    Benjamin Davis

    Your becoming my fave style youtuber above alpha and I feel like I’m blaspheming him

    prince diofrey Arellano

    Very helpful chap, keep it up.

    Nitin Yadav

    I am 5:.3' please help me in my dressing. I am Lil cubby too.

    Wølf Shadøwhill

    I don’t even wear white socks when fencing

  • Tausty Z

    I always wear black skinny jeans, a black T shirt or a black button down and a long leather coat. I also wear my black Dr.Martin's and a black studded belt.


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