Men’s Fashion Tips Every Guy Should Know

my buddy Terry Schappert is special
forces in the US Army he has traveled
the whole world using survival
strategies and warrior techniques and
anthea is a really hip guy who’s lived
and worked in New York City San
Francisco and Los Angeles he knows his
on technology pop culture and science
and we’re here to help you master the
art of modern manliness manthra Paulo G
is presented by Kay Jewelers every kiss
begins with Kay whether you know you’re
heading out to a special occasion or you
are going work every once in a while you
need to dress it up a little bit so
you’ve got a very classic confident
clean look going on and you’ve also got
a very cool yet standard base look as
well well you know some of us weren’t
born with the broad shoulders and the
baby blues didn’t help but it’s the we
wear pocket squares so let’s do this
let’s start right off the bat with the
classic traditional suit men’s
formalwear has existed for centuries
with a concept of the suit dating back
to 17th century England Beau Brummell
created the first well fitted suit and
introduced the necktie and he based the
suit on long dark coats and long pants
as opposed to the fashion of the day
which was knee length reaches and
stockings so I have to say thank you
beau because I would look ridiculous
today’s standard measurements come from
the production of military uniforms a
well fitted suit can make all the
difference in how you feel about
yourself and also how people see you you
want to have a pair of pants that aren’t
too baggy and are just long enough to
give that one crease in front and back
in the shoe now in the jacket arm length
has to stop right at the base of the
hand and when you lift your arms up you
shouldn’t see more than one inch of
shirt shoulders should be a snug fit but
still allow you to lift your arms
comfortably the jacket should button
snugly around you to highlight that
v-shape between your shoulders and your
waist so those are the things to
remember when you’re talking about a
traditional suit but I’ve got to defer
to my friend when it comes to breaking
away from that a being I think a little
cooler and hipper yeah now that you know
the basic things that you need to know
to find the best fitting suit right and
the best suit for you I want to show you
some ways to make it yours that won’t
make you feel uncomfortable or out of
place in any situation
pocket square watch vest these are
classic staples of style that give you a
little bit of flare and make you stand
out in 1995 1.3 billion dollars worth of
ties were sold that has dropped until in
2008 only a little over six hundred and
seventy seven million dollars worth of
ties were sold that is 50% drop people
we are in a tie crisis what are you
buying instead of ties probably buying
ironic t-shirts aren’t you a bold bright
interesting tie gives you a really fresh
look and helps keep the tie industry in
business you know suit isn’t needed in
day-to-day life as much these days and
there are stats out there to prove it
and so it can be hard to justify buying
an expensive suit to wear once or twice
a year and then throwing it in the
closet but you don’t have to do that
there are ways to integrate the pieces
of your suit into your everyday life and
make that investment more worthwhile you
can also wear the slacks from your suit
with a button-down and a skinny tie you
can wear the vest or the jacket from
your suit over eight fitted plain
t-shirt and some nice jeans for a casual
but a little more polished look in the
workplace so there you go hopefully our
advice will help you out when you were
buying your next suit if you guys have
any tips on how to dress it up let us
know down below in the comments and
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presented by Kay Jewelers every kiss
begins with Kay

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