How To Cuff/Roll Pants – Men’s Fashion & Style Tips – Chinos, Jeans, Joggers, Pinroll, Denim

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– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston.
I’m a celebrity menswear stylist.
So I’ve gotten a ton of
requests to do a video
about how to cuff your pants.
So today I thought I’d
show you exactly how
I cuff all of my client’s pants.
First up is the simple cuff.
This cuff is great with slimfit jeans,
chino pants, and any shoes you own.
I love using this cuff
when I want a more clean,
sleeker look for my clients.
You wanna avoid using this
cuff if you’re wearing
straight legged jeans because your ankles
will end up swimming in a ton of fabric.
A better cuff that would work these types
of pants will be the
pinroll which we’ll get into
a little bit later on.
Before you start cuffing,
make sure you already have your shoes on.
It’s really tough to see what
the finished product will
look like without them.
Hopefully you’ve seen my jeans fit guide
so you know they should
have a slight break
at the hem.
This cuff will not look right
with any other type of break.
Now if you’re wearing low top shoes,
start by first rolling your jeans once.
Now make sure that the width of the cuff
is uniform all the way around.
Then roll it up a second and final time.
Now again, make sure the width is equal
all the way around.
Once you’ve got that done,
stand in front of a mirror
and look to make sure
that the bottom of the cuff hits
the top of your ankle bone.
Now it doesn’t matter if it’s the inner
or outer ankle bone,
but just make sure it hits right there.
Ideally, the width of your cuff should be
between 1.5-2″.
A quick and easy way to figure this out
is using your finger joints.
So roughly, one joint in your finger
is equal to about an inch long.
So the proper cuff width
will fall somewhere
between your first and second joint.
If you’re wearing boots or high tops,
the bottom of your cuff
should lightly graze
if not slightly cover the top of them.
If that requires rolling
your pants more than
twice then go ahead and do that.
Just make sure that the width of the cuff
is still between 1.5-2″.
Next up is the pinroll,
or as I like to call it,
the pinch and roll cuff.
I probably use this cuff the most
because it eliminates any possibility
of your pants swimming around your ankles
once they’re cuffed.
Like I said before,
you wanna have your shoes already on
and obviously have your pants on, please.
Check out my jean and chino pant fit guide
for details about the type of break
your pants should have
before you start cuffing.
Now this is really
important that your pants
fit properly and aren’t too long.
Otherwise it creates a very chunky
and sloppy roll around your ankle which is
to be avoided at all costs.
No matter what shoes you’re wearing,
including high tops and boots,
pinch the fabric on the
inside of your ankle
so it feels slightly snug.
Now fold the fabric
over towards your heel.
The reason why we do
this is because it hides
the fold better than if
you folded the fabric
towards the front.
With your thumb still holding the fold
against your ankle,
start rolling the cuff up.
Make sure the roll is between 1-2″ wide.
If you’re on the shorter side,
keep it around 1″.
If you’re taller, then
keep it closer to 2″ wide.
This will maintain the proper proportions
for your stature.
You can and should use the finger trick
to determine the proper
width of your cuff.
Now roll up the cuff a second time.
You wanna roll at least twice to make sure
that the cuff doesn’t come undone.
If you’re wearing low tops,
the bottom of your cuff
should hit about 1.5-2″
above your outer ankle bone.
What that equates to is rolling your pants
two to three times.
If you’re wearing boots or high tops,
while you’re standing
up you want the cuffs
to lightly graze or
cover the tops of them.
So those are the two best
ways to cuff your pants.
It’s a great detail to add to your outfits
during the warmer months,
but just keep it at a minimum
during the cooler parts of the year.
Check out my website for
a more in-depth article
and subscribe to my
channel for more videos
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If you like this video
give it a thumbs up.
Alright, guys.
Thanks so much for watching.
I’ll see ya in the next one.
(film rolling)
Filming some quick tips
today for the website
and YouTube channel and
then we will head out.
Doing a little bit of filming today.
This cuff will not work
with any other types
of break.
Other type of breaks.
Hi, I’m Ashley Weston.
(classical music)

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