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Men’s Fashion | 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle Tutorial

what’s up guys it’s Nico and today’svideo I am doing a hair tutorial of yeahthat’s right I hope you guys like thevideo and let’s get started in three twooneyou will need a hair paste it’s somewhatof a matte finish a heat protectantspray to protect your hair from the heata blow-dryerfirst you want to wet your […]

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Perfect Layered Men’s Haircut Tutorial – TheSalonGuy

what’s going on YouTube Stephen isSalonga here and in today’s video we’regoing to be making over this mannequinand creating what I’m going to call theperfect blended layered haircut meaningI’m not gonna cut it super short it’snot gonna be super long but I’m gonnacreate a beautiful flowing layeredhaircut it may be kind of like an 80slayered […]

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Modern Quiff | Tight Faded Undercut-Mens Hairstyle and Haircut

are you listening[Music][Music][Music][Music]see[Music][Applause]but down the same length they are notgoing to leave flat but instead have agood amount of mobility and life seeWonderland dinnerinclude ham jothika Frenchmen volumes adirect compared to the pack so thereshould be less here at back to compareto the front the perfect length is inbetween 4 to 5 inches of areaso […]

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Advanced Mid Fade Combover Haircut & Hairstyle (Barber Tutorial 2018) Men’s Hairstyles✔️

[Music]you make me feelyou turn around breeze over me you wantyour dreams of[Music]breathe me[Music][Applause][Music]energy[Music]I stay that[Music][Applause][Music]guardingwithNoit’s theer[Music][Applause][Music]energyI Stephen Jarvis[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]I may be[Music]so kick meyeahas brightly as we canget used to what[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]we can do betterinvisible chains are holding[Music]it’s brightly[Music][Applause]I may be dear friend but my love is justthe same my lies if they hit the fan sogive […]

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