Top 10 Basics Shirts [2018]: BASICS Men’s Casual Shirt

if you are looking for shirts by basicshere’s a collection you’ve got to seelet’s check them out number one buybasics our editor choice now only at 630rupees[Music][Applause]number two another great product bybasics available now on Amazononly at 599 rupees number three get yourfavorite shirts now just click thecircle in the corner[Music]number four available now on […]

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Men’s Fashion | 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle Tutorial

what’s up guys it’s Nico and today’svideo I am doing a hair tutorial of yeahthat’s right I hope you guys like thevideo and let’s get started in three twooneyou will need a hair paste it’s somewhatof a matte finish a heat protectantspray to protect your hair from the heata blow-dryerfirst you want to wet your […]

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Men’s Fashion Tips Every Guy Should Know

my buddy Terry Schappert is specialforces in the US Army he has traveledthe whole world using survivalstrategies and warrior techniques andanthea is a really hip guy who’s livedand worked in New York City SanFrancisco and Los Angeles he knows hisstuffon technology pop culture and scienceand we’re here to help you master theart of modern manliness […]

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